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Beautiful Minds

by Mia Malika & Associates



Individual therapy offers a safe and confidential environment to explore personal challenges and gain insight into your emotions. Mia Malika will work with you to assess, understand, and address your individual needs. Through this process, you will learn to manage stress, cope with difficult emotions to include anger, trauma, attachment and abandonment concerns and so much more!  This is the clear path to developing a healthier relationship with yourself that will extend to those around you!



Couples Therapy provides couples with the opportunity to work through difficult conversations and issues in a safe and supportive environment. Mia Malika works to help couples to identify and effectively communicate their feelings, thoughts, and needs in order to build stronger and healthier relationships. Through Couples Therapy, you will learn to work together to find solutions to your conflicts and improve the overall health of your relationship.



Sex therapy is a form of emotional wellness that helps individuals and couples to cope with sexual dysfunctions, such as difficulty with arousal, orgasm, or pain during intercourse. Sex therapy will help to improve communication, build trust and foster a more fulfilling intimate and sexual relationship.



This appointment type is booked as an Individual Psychotherapy Session 


Services for Therapists

Mia Malika is pleased to offer emotional wellness services to other therapists - because even your therapist needs a therapist - as well as business mentoring and coaching to Entrepreneurial Therapists! Therapy for  Therapists can be booked at any time, while Bootcamps happen about 3-4 times a year and in addition, you can also book a mentorship/coaching package with me at any time.


Therapy Sessions
About Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds was created to bridge the gap between inclusive online therapy services and truly inclusive and culturally competent services to everyone, including our clients who identify as BIPOC. Beautiful Minds provides inclusive online therapy for everyone, with an emphasis on services to BIPOC individuals and communities. Our founder is Nigerian-American and brings a unique perspective, having grown up and received her education, work, and life experience amongst some of the most diverse populations around the world. Thus, Beautiful Minds strives to be understanding, empathetic, and mindful of clients from ALL backgrounds. From African to African American, Caucasian, clients of European descent, Asian, Latin, and everyone in between...

About Me

Hello Beautiful Minds, I am Mia Malika! I am the founder of Mia Malika & Associates and Beautiful Minds. I'm first generation Nigerian-American and a multi-state licensed LCSW.  I was literally born to help others, anyone who knows me will tell you this.  I have an immense passion for improving the lives of those around me, because well...if you are good, it makes it better for everyone around you, too...

My wife and I did couples therapy with Mia-Malika...she is awesome!  She is warm, down to earth, and honest. She was real with us about some pretty hard truths that were impacting us negatively. She took the time to really get to know and understand us, sessions with her were like talking to a close confident. We are still married, I'm pretty sure my wife will agree that we owe that to Mia-Malika.

R.G., Virginia, Age 42

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