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About Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds was created to bridge the gap between inclusive online therapy services and truly inclusive and culturally competent services to everyone, including our clients who identify as BIPOC. Beautiful Minds provides inclusive online therapy for everyone, with an emphasis on services to BIPOC individuals and communities. Our founder is Nigerian-American and brings a unique perspective, having grown up and received her education, work, and life experience amongst some of the most diverse populations around the world. Thus, Beautiful Minds strives to be understanding, empathetic, and mindful of clients from ALL backgrounds. From African to African American, Caucasian, clients of European descent, Asian, Latin, and everyone in between.

Understanding the current daily, and generational issues of various ethnicities is what sets up apart when it comes to delivering emotional wellness services. With just about every ethnic group being able to relate discrimination, religious hate, generational traumas, trauma experienced from the womb (yes, there too), immigration policies that are meant to punish some while others are welcomed, police violence in our communities, and the overall current climate of women being treated as even less than second-class citizens. Beautiful Minds is very deliberate about whom we serve.  Even our mission and company vision is an effort to provide emotional wellness services that help people - all people -  really reach their goals.

Beautiful Minds' therapeutic approach is a combination of both freestyle and structured support. This allows you a safe space free from judgment while allowing transparency, honesty, and freedom of self - even in the presence of a partner. This allows you to begin understanding the patterns that unintentionally sabotage your happiness. It's time to invest in yourself, your relationships, and your future. Let's be great together!

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